Batangas Varsitarian Ring BV00017

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Each bonafide student of the prestigious Batangas Varsitarian deserves a streamlined and quintessential brass gold men’s ring for all the successes and hard work that you had generously offered for your great love in the name of your future career as a most decorated police officer, The charismatic and cutting-edge ring features a well-streamlined and physique to amplify its world-renowned beauty and elegance, which can perfectly match any wardrobe of your desired  preference. Furthermore, it uniquely features a brass gold etched insignia of Batangas Varsitarian with a black background, Needless to brag about, is its genial versatility due to its engendering combinations of prolific designs and a captivating persona. Apart from these, the majestic insignia is CORROSION and SCRATCH-RESISTANT. This regal trinket best suits any formal wardrobe.


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